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Manually alter policies on an managed/unmanaged computer

Created: 08 Nov 2009 • Updated: 21 May 2010 | 5 comments
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As the title says, i would like to update policies manually on a managed client, is that possible?
Just to make it clear i will describe the situation: there is a computer installed as a managed client so that he will get device control policies and more.
then we unplugged the computer from the network so that we could experiment on the computer (including infecting the computer with viruses), now we would like to change policies on the comptuer but there is 80% chance that the computer is infected and i do not wish to infect the entire network. is there a way that its possible (with administrative rights of course)?

now about an unmanaged computer, most of the SEP functionalities are un-available in the unmanaged mode, is there a way to alter the SEP Client and use managed propeties on the Unmanaged client?


Naor .p.

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I think setting are stored in
C:\Documents and Settings\All Users\Application Data\Symantec\Common Client\settings.dat file but here you can not edit the file

you can edit the registry according to your need.

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you can export the policies from the managment console and then import on the unmanaged client

Export the management policy as explained in this document

How to export/import an existing Symantec Endpoint Protection policy

then open your unmanged clients interface
click on help and trouble shooting
click on troubleshooting
under the policy profile click on import
this will ask for .dat file
select the one you exported in the management console as per the symantec document.
This is the way how you update your unmanged clinet with management console policies. let me know if you have any questions.

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I have a followup to my question,
most of the SEP functionalities are un-available in the unmanaged mode, is there a way to alter the SEP Client and use managed propeties on the Unmanaged client.
meaning that i would like to use device control and application control on an unmanagend computer, is that possible?
Naor P

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No matter you make the clients managed and unmanged the functionality of sep remains the same.
the fact is that we dont know how to tune the unmanged clinet.
if I make the clinet as managed by using the sylink.xml , it uses the same policy as others meaning its same like others.

no one can change the functionality...

you can use all the policy what a managed client would do,,just try my way of exporting policy it would all work the same, trust me and symantec..they not gonna hide features if its managed or unmanaged :)

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I want to export and import policy of LiveUpdate that is in other location. How I can do it? I can use the procedure before explained?

Thank you so much