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mapped network drive backup

Created: 25 Aug 2010 • Updated: 15 May 2014 | 11 comments
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Which backup exec version can backup mapped network drive?

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I beleive most of Backup Exec version are  capable of performing a backup to "file", specifying any drive letter that the operating system can see, including a mapped network drive.

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You cannot select a mapped drive. You will have to connect to the server and sharename to create a backup.
The Backup Exec serviceaccount needs to have rights to the share to be able to backup the files.

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Appologies for the confusion . refer the following document

The above document should answere all you questions regarding the same

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Yes You can Backup any of the Drive mapped files but only thing ensure that the files or folder which you want to backup have the permission.

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To try and clear things up as everyone above has kind of part answered the question:

Backup Exec cannot backup a mapped drives because drive maps are part of the profile of the logged on user and Backup Exec is designed to work when no user is logged in using service level access that does not load the user profile - hence no drive map.

We can backup over UNC path i.e., instead of the drive map use \\servername\sharename configured as a user defined selection. This ability is present in all current versions of Backup Exec.

Note 1: To backup over UNC path you still need a remote agent license installed on the media server
Note 2: The device /server holding the UNC Share must NOT have NDMP enabled on port 10000
Note 3: The Backup Exec Service Account (and System Logon Account if different) must have access to the share
Note 4: Incremental and Differential backups may not functikn as Achive Bits and Change journals often require a remote agent locally on the device.
Note  5: Share level access can be slower than RAWS or NDMP access so your jobs will not be running at the fastest speed.

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Taking backup of mapped drive is possible.
See the snapshots and do let me know the status.

You need to navigate to : Tools -> Options -> Network and Security and checkmark the option "Enable selection of user share"

Se to it you share that folder and also give appropriate permissions[Admin or Domain admin credentials]
I hope this should help you out.


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Vikram Madhav Shinde

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This is backing up shared directory on a remote server and is not quite the same as backing up a mapped drive on the local machine which is what the user wants to do.

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One more thing you dont have to install RAWS on that server.
Hope it works out for you.


Vikram Madhav Shinde

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Please get a little more of an understanding of how BackupExec works before posting responses.  Both of your answers in this thread are flat wrong

1)  As Colin explained, you CANNOT back up mapped shares/drives with BackupExec.   Backing up user shares is a completely different thing

2)  Yes you  MUST have the RAWS installed and running on a remote server machine to back it up 

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Hello Ken..
                  yes you are correct we need to install RAWS.Next time i will take care of it.


Vikram Madhav Shinde

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Just a note that Vikram's solution was exactly what I was looking for.  Thanks for the tips!