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Masking credit card number in incidents

Created: 26 Dec 2011 • Updated: 27 Dec 2011 | 3 comments
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I have a policy for monitoring credit card number in email that is working fine.But the customer wants that the user watching these incidents should not see the credit card numbers. Currently, I as admin when see details of incident I can see the credit card numbers as it shows the matching content .

Is there any way where the DLP user watching the incidents cannot see the credit card ? Or is it possible to mask it and see only last four digits?

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N Manoj's picture

Hi Yusuf,

Just Create new role for that particuler user, in that uncheck Matches, Body Display Attributes as per your requirement.

Manoj N

sacrificeme's picture

As say Manoj, new role for users that you dont want to show sensitive data, you need plan you incidents remidiations and vary who can see sensitive data, i think it must be investigation team.

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Ok.That will work. But is there a way where we can see the matches but masked credfit card number so that the during initial stages of implementing DLP the person can identify whether it is actually a credit card number or anyhting else.

But so far I think its ok to go for Manoj's option, that will work as of now.

Warm regards,