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Master Server crashing upon selecting "preview media" button in BAR

Created: 31 Oct 2013 | 11 comments

Netbackup 7504

Windows 2008r2 master and media servers.

Hello all,

I have a real kicker here, that is a serious issue. When I access the BAR gui, and select the data I need for a restore, I will then generally click on the "preview media' button to get the needed tape ID's for recall. Four times this morning (100% of the time), once I clicked this button, the Master server immediately performs a dump and completely rebooted, of course killing all running jobs. Our Master server is a VM. I thought perhaps there is a problem with the VM, so I access one of my primary media servers, and tried the same "preview media", and crashed my media server as well. I'm going to have to set up another vm and run remote admin console I guess, for further testing, to stop from crashing my live environment.

Has anyone seen this type of behavior before? Could this be an issue related to the database? 



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RamNagalla's picture

Probably you need to call symatec and show then in the remote session about  what you are tyring to do and how netbackup reacting..

sri vani's picture

Yes, I concur with Nagalla..Please run this through Symantec Support.

mph999's picture

Odd - not seen that before, what is the case number ?

Regards,  Martin
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revaroo's picture

Highly likely this is an issue with your server rather than NetBackup, but worth getting a call logged.

Does it do it every single time? Even after reboot?

mph999's picture

I agree revaroo - but, it is odd it happens on two different servers, I suppose if they are identical it's possible.
Either way, we shouldn't create a core - as it means what ever is happening, we can't cope with so will need to be fixed. That said, it's six of one and half a dozen of the other, as likewise the OS shouldn't crash, it should be able to cope with whatever, maybe throw an error, but not crash.

Regards,  Martin
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Toddman214's picture


Yes, its every single time. I cannot even use the "preview media" button without the server immediately rebooting.


Sorry, I missed your earlier post. The case # is 05399807. And, these servers arent identically configured. Plus, the master is a VM, and the media server is a physical. It will be interesting to see what the backline and Microsoft experts determine, but obviously, my main priority is resolution.

verbose5's picture

You might help Symantec narrow down the problem by testing whether basic commands that query parts of the "preview media" tool also destabilize it.  bpimagelist, bplist, bpflist, and a few others access different parts of the data that is parsed and sorted by "preview media". 

Stumpr2's picture

Where are you accessing the BAR GUI? on client or maste? windows console admin or java?

VERITAS ain't it the truth?

Toddman214's picture


I rdp directly to the master server and access the Admin Console that way.

I did just get an update from Symantec backline -

"I am seeing that neither his master server or media server are running SP1 for 2008R2.

I can see in the .dmp file that the problem module which nbwin.exe is conflicting with is named ‘win32k.sys’.

I know that SP1 will introduce a new win32k.sys.

I would like him to apply SP1 to a machine and see if it fixes the problem."

Ill give this a shot and see if it helps.

sri vani's picture

did SP1 fixed ur issue?

Honestly,I'm lille curious here smiley.

Never heard this kind of scenario b4...