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Maximum of 16 files in PGP Zip file on Windows 7

Created: 18 Apr 2011 | 3 comments

There is a maximum of 16 files in PGP Zip file on Windows 7.

When I try to put more than 16 files in a PGP Zip file, it doesn't work.

In Windows XP, I don't know what the maximum number of files for a PGP zip file is, but it is more than 16.

I was working with 25 files today.

Is this a known issue on Windows 7?


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This is a known bug, but I don't recall what PGP versions produce it.

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Chris N's picture


I have v 10.0.3.

I will upgrade to 10.1.1 to see if that resolves the issue.



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I have PGP Version 10.1.2 running on Windows 7 (two computers) and have the same problem. This is MORE than annoying because I use PGP Zip all the time for backup. On Windows Vista there was no limit to the number of items you could insert into a zip file. WHAT IS SEMANTIC GOING TO DO ABOUT THIS???? I've been using PGP since it was shareware, and when they were a private company I never had this sort of problem...