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Maximum concurrent jobs

Created: 05 Sep 2013 | 3 comments

Is it possible to check where NetBackup keeps track of the number of concurrent jobs it's writing to a Disk Storage Unit?  I'm getting jobs queued up that they have reached the max for the storage unit but if I count up the number of active jobs the numbers don't add up so I'm worried my media server may have their count off somehow.

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Check on Master Server host properties-> General Max number of clients

In policy Attributes - Jobs per policy

in STU Concurrent jobs

Adjust the number and see if it helps

Also see threshold are not met 

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There are three places you need to tune this parameter.

1.       Master server Global Parameter

2.       Policy

3.       Storage Unit

You can tune max concurrent jobs as per your requirement.



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The resource broker on the master server keeps track.

You can check allocated resources with this command:

nbrbutil -dump

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