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Maximum Mailbox in Vault

Created: 11 Dec 2012 • Updated: 15 Jan 2013 | 3 comments
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We have targeted entire exchange organization to the Test Provisioning group & to the default provisioning group we have added Distribution list which has around 43 K users.

                Most of the users who has access to multiple mailboxes they could see multiple mailboxes in the archive explorer. We have not defiled the policy to display only the primary mailboxes in the Archive explorer. Do we have any restrictions of displaying limited number of mailboxes in the archive explorer and vault cache?

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Rob.Wilcox's picture

Are you talking ...

You want to see a dozen...

A few dozen..

Several hundred?

The first two would be good, the last one would not be a pretty sight.

JesusWept3's picture

For the vault cache i would recommend only setting it to the default archive, otherwise those calls will bog down the EV server with heavy SQL Queries and lots of time spent building vault cache files and will saturate your network bandwidth more than is necessary

As for Archive Explorer, like Rob said it all depends on how many they really have access to, too many and you risk just getting IIS timeouts

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Archive explorer does not throttle the number of vaults which are displayed - the recordset of the archives available is returned and filtered by archive type (i.e journal,maibox, public folder, FSA, sharepoint, domino etc) but all archives of the selected archive types are shown.

It would actually be reasonably simple to change the logic to only display a single archive, but I cant see a setting (hidden or otherwise) to do this.



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