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Maximum size of the catalog backup exec

Created: 29 Jan 2013 | 7 comments

Gostaria de saber o tamanho máximo da pasta catálogo do backup exec 2010. O catálogo do backup gera na faixa de 150GB / Mês e acho que está afetando a ferramenta.

Would like to know the maximum size of the folder catalog backup exec 2010. The catalog backup generates in the range of 150GB / month and I think that is affecting the backup exec (CASO).

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Would like to know the maximum size of the folder catalog backup exec 2010.

No such numbers AFAIK. Size of catalog being generated, depends on the data that is being backedup. With so many number of files being backedup, catalog size also will be high. Catalog generated with backups will be kept till backup images expire. Hence longer retention periods with huge backups results in rapid catalog growth. 

If disk space is an issue, you can choose to truncate catalogs. Upon truncation only header file will remain in catalogs and all other file&folder details of backups will be removed. Catalog size will be reduced considerably but incase of a restore requirement, you will have to catalog the media. 

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If you're generating 150GB per month, how big is your environment? And what sort of level of logging have you set for your job logs? The higher the level, the larger the files...

Another option is to move the Catalogs folder to another drive...


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Thanks for responding.
My question is why at least once a month my backups to disk, around 20 TB, remain in "queued forever" and is only resolved when I create a new folder in the catalog for CASO and the 10 MMS connected to it.
Sorry for the english, but I'm using a translator.
Otavio Knupp
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Also recreate the folders in devices for backup to disk.

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OK...which version of BE 2010 are you using? If not 2010 R3, then upgrade to that, install SP2 and any subsequent patches on your CASO first, followed by the MMS servers, and then push-install these updates from your MMS servers.

The link to the ISO is below:

You use your current licenses...Then check again and see if this has resolved the issues.


Alternative ways to access Backup Exec Technical Support:

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Yes, BE 2010 R3 with SP2.

Complicated case. Already opened a case in symantec and they could not show the root cause.


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I had similar problem and how to workaround was necessary:
- Create a new folder for the catalog each time the size was near to 50 GB;
- Delete old data in the database tab historical;
- Stop the BackupExec services, repair and start based services.

This action resolves the problem of backup, but it creates a problem when you need a restore, because cataloging again or will have to save the "xmls" old and run catindex that sometimes does not work.
How symantec never showed me the root cause, I believe it is a limitation of the tool, it begins to lose when the number of files "xmls" beyond a certain amount, not managing to assemble the sequence catalog and begins to generate the crashes, job queued on forever, and ODBC catalog etc..

I would like to understand why symantec uses these files to assemble the catalogs and do not use the own database, I believe that if they used a database would not have these problems.