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Maybe I can get some help in here - dedupe folder not reclaiming space

Created: 23 Sep 2013 | 5 comments

I have a 4.5TB iSCSI LUN drive that is used exclusively for the deduplication folder and its associated logs, etc.

Not long ago, it filled up extremely fast, going from averaging 2.5-3.0 TB of used space to using the full 4.5T.  I had added some backups to the schedule so this wasn't too terribly shocking when it initially happened.

I began to edit some jobs, lighten the schedule, and do other things to cut down on the space we were using for backups, but nothing helped. Jobs were failing or just going into "queued" status, so I started looking at how to manually reclaim space. Following the steps here I tried to deleted some larger backup sets that were due to expire soon, and then force the dedupe process to manually run.

This doesn't seem to have done anything.  I've actually deleted about half of the deduplication media, and typically just the larger ones so more than half of the space being used should have been freed up, but I still have no space.

I've opened a case with support, who, even though I submitted the ticket with my contact information as the alternate, attempted to contact our primary POC who was not available.  He forwarded me the voicemail and email, which I responded to per the instructions in the email, and have not heard back.  This is a severity 4 ticket that was put in on Friday morning and have not been able to get anyone to look at it, so needless to say I'm pretty desperate to find anything to help out.

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Could you provide me the case number with I can look up.

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I have requested a faster action/response on the case. Till then you could try the steps mentioned in this technote

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I've gone through the steps in this tech note many times and it doesn't seem to do anything.  I've been contacted by tech support again, but as luck would have it, our phone service provider is having issues so he couldn't reach me.  I hop to reach him back soon and will update with any news.

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Thank you, let us know once make contact. Also, if possible drop an email on the case with an alternate number that the technician can contact you.