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I am new to Symantec backup and currently using 10.0.  I want to be sure I am understanding the Media Sets correctly.  I have a unit that holds 28 cartridges and 1 cleaning cartridge.  If I have two sets of 28 cartridges that rotate will I have 2 media sets to identify each?  Another question, I got the go-ahead to wipe out all data on our cartridges and start with fresh full backups, how do I do this?  Thanks

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 I got the go-ahead to wipe out all data on our cartridges and start with fresh full backups, how do I do this?  

You can format each catridge to wipe out data but before doing that it would be recommended to remove the bkf files from backou exec so you can go to media tab and then go to all media and select all bkf files which are part of getting deleted from cartridge and move them to retired media and then by selecting all of them ln retired media delete all so that reference of it is removed first from backup exec and then you cab format the cartridge later on



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When you talk about cartridges, are you talking about disk cartridges or tape cartridges?  They are two different things and are handled differently.  If you are not sure what you have.  Post the name of the cartridge and we can tell you.

If you are using disk cartridges, then follow the instructions in the previous answer to erase your cartridges.

If you are using tape cartridges, then you don't really have to erase them.  Go to the Media tab, right-click on the tapes and then associate them with the scratch media set.  This will make them overwritable and once they are used by your jobs, the old data would be gone.  However, if you must erase them, then right-click on them and select Erase.

Media sets are not really used for identifying the cartridges.  They are used to managed the data.  You set how long you want to keep your data (OPP) and then whatever media is in the media set will be protected for that period of time.  I would strongly recommend that you read the Data Management section of the Admin Guide which can be found in the BE installation directory.  A good understanding of media sets, OPP and AP is required to operate BE.  Without good understanding, you might find that your data are overwritten before you need them.

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Thank you all for your help

I am using Ultrium LTO 200 GB data cartridges

One more question.  I have a set of 28 cartridges that have been used for over a year.  I have a set of new cartridges to replace the old set.  What are the procedures to do this besides physically replacing them in the backup unit?


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You need to label the new tapes.  Make sure that the labels are different from that those of the old tapes so that they do not clash, e.g.  if you have a tape with a label 000001L2 you should not have another one with this label.

If you are using barcode labels,  you can just put new barcode labels on the new tapes.

If you are not using barcode labels, then you need to put the new tapes into the library, inventory them, right-click on the slots and select Label.  I would strongly suggest that you use barcode labels because they are more efficient.  See my article below on how to get started.