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Media density Hcart....

Created: 10 Jan 2013 • Updated: 02 Feb 2013 | 4 comments
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Hi all!

i have a new Sl3000 with drives LTO4 and LTO5  (LTO4 for restores from LTO2 media).

i need manually change LTO5 media to a different density (hcart or hcart3) and create barcode rules to automatically add the LTO5 media to match the drive density, also add LTO4 drives as hcart2 to match density of LTO2 tapes.

wich is the best way to create the barcode rule? any suggestion?



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Barcode rule does not support wildcards, so we can not use barcode suffix as type identifier. We can only specify prefix of barcode in barcode rules.

I have no idea but preparing barcode labels that has unique prefix for LTO5 and adding this prefix into barcode rules.

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On my Solaris master, I updated the /usr/openv/volmgr/vm.conf

If you look at the barcode rules display, Media Type Mappings tab, you can see how it displays your tapes - my LTO5 shows as ACS_LTO_1_5T, and I had the HCART designation available.

# cat vm.conf

There is no absolute correlation between HCART, HCART2, HCART3 and any LTO values once you get to LTO4 and LTO5 - they will default for up to LTO3, but can be assigned after that.

You will want to set LTO4 to be HCART2, so they can load the LTO2 tapes.

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Media Type Mappings apply to API robots (such as ACSLS) only, not TLD robots.

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I think barcodes would be the easiest way here so make the barcodes for the new tapes totally different

I believe that the barcode tag works from the start of the bar code so if you current ones are ABC make the new ones CBA to distinguish them (or even just start the with a 5 - so 5AB for LTO5 ones)

You can then set the barcode rules - set the drives densities themselves to be matching and all your current LTO5 tapes change to the new density using:

vmchange -new_mt -m 5AB123 hcart3

Hope this all makes sense!

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