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Media does not load/mount properly

Created: 04 Oct 2013 • Updated: 04 Oct 2013 | 12 comments
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I was having an issue with the backups failing and found three media tapes that were not mounting/loading properly. I have removed the media from the system for now and everything went back to normal. Does anyone know what could be the cause of that and may have a solution to this issue?



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Robot / library calibration / hardware fault affecting certain slots
Damaged cartridge

Probably other reasons but these are the few that spring to mind.

I wouldn't worry about it, if it happens again you'll need to investigate but two or three tapes that you have identified and removed, I'd forget about it and move on ...

Regards,  Martin
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The media that was removed had been used before for backups it just recently started giving issues. Is there a way to find the source of the issue so I can either reuse the tapes or prevent more tapes from being damaged?



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Did you check your tapes having an issue physically, are they look fine?

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They look fine. I was thinking it could be some sort of configuration on the media that was causing the failed mounts/loads.



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In what way were they not loading/ mounting.
If 'physical' as in they don't make it into the drive then I have no idea how you would have to see if the library vendor can come up with a reason.

If it's a media read / mount issue once the tape is in the drive then I'd need to know the error if there is one, but from your post I get the impression the tape isn't making it as far as the drive.

If write protected, that would cause an issue, but the tape would make it into the drive and you would get a related error in NBU.

If the tapes are a different density, eg LTO2, and the drives are LTO5 for example, that would cause an issue - but they would still go into the drives, just ejected immediately once the drive detects the tape version. LTO drives will write one tape version back and read two tape versions back - just for your reference.

Regards,  Martin
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Could  the tape been droped on the floor  ?

Usally this break the casing and causes the tape to jam upon media load/unload.

Assumption is the mother of all mess ups.

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From the looks of the tapes there looks to be no damage.

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I suppose Nicolai was referring to the possibility that the tape (while stored in its plastic opaque case) could have been mishandled, dropped, had hard impact - when in transit. If these tapes were never removed from the library then there is a another issue. Maybe tape tension. You used to be able to re-tension a tape - I remember.

But you say on the outside it looks ok. Inside could be a different matter, thereafter when the drive mechanism attempts to mount it it fails.

Best thing is that they are removed to one side.

Any further patterns of this would/should highlight and narrow down where this occurs.

There was a instance on the forums way back once when a problem was diagnosed down to the tapes being inserted the wrong way up. sad

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After reading and troubleshooting everything. I am going to just leave the media that had issues out and see what happens later. You nake a vaild point on how the insides of the tape could be damaged and the outside not normal.

Thanks to everyone else that had helped make this decision.

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Seems you should have marked Solution for a post that has answered your question instead of your own....

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If you open the little slot on the tape, you should see the leader pin sitting across the gap located in a couple of lugs ... If tapes are dropped this pin can become dislodged.

Regards,  Martin
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