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Created: 06 Nov 2013 | 3 comments


The problem only occured on Tuesday backup. All setting are the same - Overwritable’ & ‘Infinite – Allow Append’ but when it comes to Tuesday backup the status change into Not appendable (Media Full). We already test one method - performed inventory and do quick erase then associate the tape into Daily backups. It work for a while then the same issue coming back. Please advice for permanent solution. Thanks.

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The media full is due to the backup filling up the tape. Other than erasing the tape, you can wait for it to become overwritable and just overwrite the tape

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...have you tried to recreate the job at all?


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this is just how media is handled if you leave things on default settings.

It is recommended to do one or all of the following:

a) Disable the append infinite settings, which then periodically forces an overwrite (you want to set a timescale to just slightly under when your tapes might fill up if you are running a stand alone tape drive) Note: don't expect to completely fill a tape in a stand alone tape drive scenario unless you have someone available at appropriate times (usually at night) to insert a second tape, you cannot append to the end of the tape and when it fills up immediately start writing to the start of the same tape within a single job.

b) periodically start one of your regular jobs as on overwrite (maybe the Monday one if doing a daily cycle)

c) invest in more individual tapes and change them more often

d) invest in a library