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Media Information Warnings (OST)

Created: 10 Aug 2013 | 2 comments

I've recently implemented a Hub-n-Spoke BE2012 environment where I have 16 remote offices performing local backups to BE DeDup targets and then duplicating to our regional datacenter.

I'm seeing a lot of Media Information warning from the remote MMS's during the replication processes.


Meassage:   Media 'OST00000739-4571A2A99DA03FFB' is overwrite protected.

The media in drive 'FNG-USCN-BK01-DSU01:6' is currently allocated and is not available for overwrite operations.

Media Set: Internal Disk Images
Overwrite Protection Until: Infinite - Don't Allow Overwrite.
Appendable until: Not Appendable
Originally received: Saturday, August 10, 2013 4:04:50 AM

My question: Is this something I need to be conerned about?

As always, thx in advance for the input and valued insight!


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Praveen_Shetty's picture

Can you please provide the details for this media 'FNG-USCN-BK01-DSU01:6' is this a tape media(Does not look like a dedup media) or any other device?



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FNG-USCN-BK01-DSU01:6 refers to the number of clients set for the Deduplication Folder.

The message you are getting Media 'OST00000739-4571A2A99DA03FFB' is overwrite protected basically means that there is something wrong with the media management settings you have put in place.

Generally when data gets written to a Deduplication target the media is overwritten  ( data operations on disk are always overwrite operations ) hence please check the media set to which the Deduplication media are being assigned to.

Check the Backup Exec settings > media management and check the media management settings.