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media label mismatch with barcode

Created: 07 Apr 2013 • Updated: 09 Apr 2013 | 6 comments
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This issue has been solved. See solution.

hi..I have a typical issue in hand. Dont know how it happened.

We are doing a migration from a win svr 2003 std ed R2 env to a NBU apliance 5220 env ( linux 7.1)

The last stage is media migration and import.

Out of 186 medias tht were moved from the old env to the new env in the same library, only 17 have these issues.

I have LTO-3 medias in my environment...2 examples are as follows: 000044L3, B00018L3.

After inventory, the first one got recofnised as: 000044 and the 2nd one as 0018L3.

Now I have data in both that would be imported. and I am not able to start of the phase 1 import due to this issue.

Please can you help advise.

Is using bplabel command safe here...i mean the data will not be erased etc?

thanks, anish

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in addition to that the info that i forgot to mention is that for the first tape, 000044L3, it should be recognised as 0044L3 and the 2nd one, B00018L3 should be recognised as B00018.

Thanks, anish

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How many library you were using before and now? In the old configuration check the Media ID generation rule. It seems you are using 2 library and both of them were having different media id generation rule.

One is reading first 6 character and other one is default reading last 6 characters.


Edit* Make sure not to use bplabel it will erase the data from tape.

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hi Sazz,

I had 1 library previously and the same library was migrated here.

Also in the previous library the 000044L3 was recognised as 0044L3 and B00018L3 was recognised as B00018.

with the rule set as described in the technote you shared. ( the first 6 digits)

The only difference is the configuration of the old env was not done by me so not sure if the ruleset was put in place after the 000044L3 series of tapes were inserted.

Any other advise I can follow please?

thanks, anish

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Also in the previous library the 000044L3 was recognised as 0044L3

In this case it was reading the last 6 digits as default in NBU

B00018L3 was recognised as B00018.

I am wondering in the same library how come 1 tape is showing first 6 and other tape is showing last 6 digits? Have you introduced new barcodes and made any changes in the library configuration.

Forget about these 2 tapes for a moment. Let us know about all the other tapes in your enviornment. Are the reading the first media id as first 6 or last 6 character? If all of the other tapes are reading first six or last six then we can take care of some of the medias which are not showing it correctly or force the Media Id generation rule for these for import purpose.

Also have you changed in the library configuration. In the library you can make the changes to read the barcode as 6 or 8 and align it to read last six character or first six?

Post o/p of these as well

vmquery -m 0044L3

vmquery -m B00018

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Is it possible that NBU is managed from more than one Admin console?

This will explain why some media id's are 1st 6 characters and others are last 6.
vm.conf entries should be done on ALL Admin Consoles...

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hi All,

I have managed to resolve the same...was risky though but i remembered to have done sumthing similar taking symantec's help last year.

here are the steps:

1. change the barcode rule ( for eg if the tape should read 0044L3 instead of 000044 for media 000044L3, use 3:4:5:6:7:8)

2. then delete the media and reinventory it.

3. it should come up with the desired barcode ( at least it happens in my case)

4. in case you get an error code 34 ( media ID not unique), look around for a media ID of the same shud be present...change the barcode for that as per point 1 and then reinventory that. before that make sure ur old tape is in IO and you do not select the "empty media access port prior to update" while inventory.

5. That way both the tapes would be coming with unique media IDs and there wud be no conflict.

cheers, anish