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Created: 17 Jan 2013 | 6 comments

I am recycling a bunch of once-used LTO 4 tapes.Up until now I have used exclusively new media, so I had BE set to do its automatic media labeling. I want to maintain the incrementing of media now that I am using the recycled. I see where I can rename and relabel media, but I have two questions:

  1. Is it possible simply to "erase" the media label so that BE can continue with automatic labeling?
  2. If not, wehn I manually relabel the media, if I continue incrementing from where the automatic BE labeling left off, will BE recognize this and, when it next needs to do an automatic labeling, take up where my manual labeling left off? Or will it just resume from where it last left off, whcih means I will have duplicate media labels.

Thanks in advance for your help.

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...Any reason for not using barcodes on the tapes? It would make life a LOT simpler as what you're trying to do seems to be very manually intensive!

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Simply never have used them. We're a fairly small shop, and it didn't seem necessary. Have no idea how they work, frankly.

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Fair enough...

You put labels on the tapes and if you have an autoloader/library it should already have a barcode reader. BE would then read these, and it makes identifying them within BE and physically a lot easier.

No need to do any renaming as BE would use the tape as, and when needed.


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1) not with BE.  you could probably use some 3rd party tool or maybe a competitors software to erase or scramble the tape header such that BE thinks it is new/foreign

2) BE will not "know" that you manually took the next available numbers.  But you can go in and bump up the next assignable number to give yourself a range of numbers available for manual assignment.

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As previously advised, it is a lot easier and more efficient to use barcode labels.  It does not mean that only big shops can use them.  Small shops should use them to increase efficiency.  You can DIY them.  See my article below

However, note that when you use barcode labels, you have to follow the convention/format dictated by your tape library manufacturer.  Hence your current naming scheme will have to be discontinued.

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Might be pointing out the obvious here, but you can't use barcodes if your tape device/library has no way to use them and the OP has not stated whether his drive has that ability.

Against the original question I agree with Larry Fine, you need to erase the media header using other software to then make BE think it is a new piece of media. It might be that a full overwrite tape test with the tape tools supplied by the hardware vendor can do it, although I can't confirm that it is just a thought.