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Media Labels do not "save" BE 2010 R3

Created: 08 Oct 2013 • Updated: 18 Mar 2014 | 6 comments
This issue has been solved. See solution.

We just upgraded our old LTO-5 tape drive and library to a LTO-6 Dual tape drive/library (with the correct licenses added)

Everything works fine with backups and so forth - but I'm getting frustrated with labeling, via Backup Exec. 

For the first time - we are using barcodes - the drive reads these just fine. 

Within BE, I go to the Media Tab and one at a time, select a tape in a pre defined "day of the week" slot (example IBM [0001..003])

I double click on the tape and rename each of the two tapes Monday 1-A and B respectively. I change both the Media label and the Media description. I do the same for the other days. 

neither the server or the Autoloader are rebooted or power cycled

The next day when I come in - either some or all of the various days have been either reset to nothing but the barcode label number. 

I learned that you can't Right Click (from the devices screen) and change the Media Label there, due to the barcode.  but shouldn't the Media Description "Save"?

This is how we keep track of what tape goes where in our rotation. 



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When you use barcode labels, you cannot change the media label.  It will always be the same as the barcode label.

The media description field does not display in BE 2010.  See this document.

Although the title says that it is for BE 11d, it is valid for BE 2010 (Click on Show All under Products)

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if looking at Media Descriptions then be awware that they are not maintained dueing overwrite operations (as a default)

For how to affect  the behaviour, please see

As pkh has already stated barcodes take control of media labels as they become the media label.

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The document is for BE 2012 which does not apply to the user.  He is using BE 2010.

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Oops - OK just to clarify that document was written for an issue identified in 2010 that is cross referenced at the bottom of that How To (for completeness the 2010 issue link is )

I forgot that we had only fixed that issue (using the reg key) in 2012 which is why the HowTo only mentions 2012.

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I forgot to mentioned that I solved this myself. thanks to all those that helped!

Cory Vincent

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For completeness and so that others on the forum can benefit, you should post your solution.