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Created: 02 Feb 2014 • Updated: 03 Feb 2014 | 3 comments

Hi All,

Can somebody shed some light on how backups and verify works!

I have an client which Uses Backup Exec 2010 R3 on server 2003 which backs up to USB disk Drives (I know, not the best solution, but this is how they want to backup their data)

The Client is supposed to rotate the Drives each day as I am not onsite to manage this for them.

Their Backups are as follows:

Monday - Thursday - Differential for Data and Full for SQL.

Friday - Weekly Full Backups for Everything.

  • The Week Backups complete with no errors but every now and then their Weekend Backups fail on verify for one or two jobs.
  • The verify fails as a result for a media mount request which points to Medial Labels which are stored in another backup job two weeks ago.

Unable to determine ADAMM media identification.  Catalog query failed

Drive and media mount requested

  • Media Label: B2D022693

  • Media Label: B2D022694

  • Media Label: B2D018899


My question is this:

Is this a result due to the client not using the same USB Drive for previous full weekend backups (i.e using a drive that was used for a week backup) or is there something else I need to be looking at?



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1) Check that your rotation scheme is set up correctly.  See my article below

2) It is not a good idea to scatter the full and incremental backups across a couple of disks.  It complicates the recovery process and if they do upgrade to BE 2012, then there will be more complications.  Instead of rotating out the disk every day, they should do it weekly, just before the full backup.

3) They should always use overwrite when backing up to disk.  There is no advantage in appending to disk media.  In fact, for BE 2012, it does not allow you to append to disk media.

4) As an aside, if they are not on R3, then I would suggest that they upgrade to BE 2010 R3 which is the latest version. Their existing licence keys will work.  You can download BE 2010 R3 from either the fileconnect site or
After your upgrade, do not forget to run LiveUpdate a couple of time to update it to SP4 and the latest hotfixes.
After they have upgraded to R3 SP4, push out the remote agent again.
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Thanks for this.

I guess I should have added a bit more information.

  1. Correction on my part, they are running a Diff Backup instead of Incremental Backup every weekday untill Friday Morning.
  2. They are running Backup Exec 2010 R3 with all updates
  3. Overwrite is enabled for the scheduled Jobs
  4. I have uploaded a picture incase there is something that you can see that I should be aware off or configured incorrectly.


BTW, Nice article.

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From your screenshot, it looks that they are using a RDX drive.  For these drive, you need to use Removable B2D folders, rather than normal B2D folders.  This has a bearing on your problem.