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Media Report with "Overwrite Protection Until" date

Created: 08 Oct 2012 • Updated: 08 Oct 2012 | 6 comments

I need to create a report which lists all media that is overwriteable or in which the Overwrite Protection Until date is less than 10 days away.

The problem is I cannot find this field in any of the report types (I checked all fields in all report types, not just the media report, including advanced fields).

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  1. Create a Custom Report
  2. Under Field Selection - select Media Group in Category drop down
  3. Check "Media Recycle Date" under fields

Media Recycle Date = Date and time after which media can be overwritten

Not sure if this will give you the exact info you're looking for but currently this is the only available field for a custom report.

Alternatively, you can go to the below link:

Search to see if anyone has requested for a similar field in the Ideas section, you can vote +1 for that idea OR you can submit your requirement to Symantec, if it gets more votes (visibility) engineering might respond.

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Thank you for that Bhavik. Not sure why, but Media Recycle Date didn't jump out at me. I guess I was too focused on searching for fields with Overwrite or Protection in their names.

Now what I have, and sort of works (with 1 issue) is:

Field Selection (Media Group)

  • Media Cartridge Label
  • Media Recycle Date


  • Media Type = 8
  • AND Media Recycle Date IN NEXT 8 DAYS


  • Sort on: Media Recycle Date - Ascending
  • Then sort on: Media Catridge Label - Ascending

After a lot of trial and error trying to filter out B2D media (for some reason it just wanted to be included in the report no matter what) I've gotten these exact settings to filter out only LTO5 media.

The one problem is the report is displaying many duplicates per tape. Is this due to each tape having multiple backup sets w/ different start times? As I can't filter by these fields, am I missing something obvious that would allow me to filter these results and end up with 1 entry per piece of media?

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The easiest way to remove duplicates is to choose Grouping

  • Group by: Media Cartridge Label.

Not perfect but it works.

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Just tried your suggestion, but I get the Media Recycle Date repeated 20 or so times under reach Media Label. :)