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Media Rotation policy

Created: 20 Nov 2013 | 4 comments
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Hi All,

I need assistance in creating a media rotation policy for my client's Backup solution, the requirement is that we need to backup Data only on one tape for each day, they have 35 servers and so almost one job for each server as their selection list is different. they are using Backup Exec 2012 SP2. I have one option in my mind which is to set the append period to one day but I am not sure if I do this the other Job for the same day will go to the same tape or it will pic another tape from the daily media set.

How can we set the rotation that it will pick up the new tape for each day backup with multiple backup jobs. Eagerly waiting for the reply from you guys.



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Hi Jaydeep

Thanks for you reply.

This doc is helpful but I am still confused that if I have 10 tapes in the Media set and I keep the append period for one day only and overwirte protection for 6 Days for all the jobs then how it will work, will it pick new tape for each day backup or will it pick new tape for each job ?? and after the overwrite protection expires it will overwrite the first tape and reset the append period and again goes same as for the first week.??



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With AP = 1 day and OPP = 6 days and assuming that you do daily backup, this is what will happen.  Your first job on Mon. starts at 9 p.m. and overwrite a tape.  This tape will be appendable until 9 p.m. Tue. The rest of the jobs append to this tape.  Suppose the last job which writes to this tape ends on Tue. 6 a.m., then the tape will be protected until the 6 a.m. the following Mon.  

The first Tue. job starts at 9 p.m. on Tue. and overwrite the second tape.  The subsequent Tue. job will append this this second tape because the first tape used by the Mon. jobs is no longer appendable.

On the following Mon., there will be a couple of overwritable tapes in the media set.  The first job will overwrite the tape with the oldest allocated date which is not necessarily the tape used on the previous Mon.

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Hi Rizwansid,

You can try to review link below in order to help you understand how Append and Overwrite protection works with backup Exec.

An explanation of the "Overwrite protection period" and the "append period"

About media overwrite protection and append period