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Created: 10 Nov 2012 • Updated: 12 Nov 2012 | 8 comments
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I have made 3 media servers .I have installed media server software on it

Now how would i add this to my master server  so that i can see under host properties >media server > media server name.

GUI method please?

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If you installed the software and answered the questions correctly - the master server and emm server enteries will have been added to the registry (or bp.conf if unix) automatically,

Next, add the media servrers as SERVER entries on the master, in registry if windows, or bp.conf if unix. (make sure the first SERVER entry is the master server, add the media servers AFTER the master).

Make sure the media servers can fully resolve the master servers name, and, the master server can fully resolve the media server names.

Restart NBU on the media servers, and they should automatically add to the NBU config on the master.

NOTE. Apologies, no GUI available to check, I cannot believe you will be unable eo add the entries as I have described.
Quite often, you see posts about adding the media servers via nbemmcmd command - for me this is a waste of time as they will 'auto add' if things are configured correctly. If they do not, something is wrong, and although adding them via nbemmcmd command will make them 'appear' they will not work, until whatever issue stopped them adding automatically is fixed.

So, in summary.

1. Add the media servers as SERVER enteries on the master
2. Check the master can resolve the medias and the medias can resolve the master
3. The master should have been added to the medias registry/ bp.conf when the software was installed. The EMMSERVER entry should have been added also, so you should not have to do this
4. Restart NBU on the media servers, they should then auto add to the master (you should see them in nbemmcmd -listhosts)

If you do not know how to do any of what I have explained, before asking on here, see if you can find the answer on Google.


Regards,  Martin
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If I remember correctly, they will show up in host properties >media server once you have added devices and storage units for these new media servers.

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HI Marianne - that's a good point - no idea if they show up without devices, but all things considered I guess not, that it until storage devices are added to them.

My check personally is the nbemmcmd -listhosts  command, if they are there they are 'known' as media servers.


Regards,  Martin
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OK, I'm feeling generous ...

If you goto the host properties in the GUI and then pick which ever server you want to change .., either media or master ....

Uner properties for that server there is a section called 'Servers'

If you add a new entry in the "Servers that can access the current seleted host" NBU will put the entry in the bp.conf or registry (eg.  SERVER = <hostname> )


I do not know of a way to add the EMMSERVER entry via the gui - this should be added when you install the media server software (it asks you the name of the EMM server) if this is wrong, I guess you will have to change in manually.

Each media server should have an entry

EMMSERVER = <emm server hostname>


Regards,  Martin
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Hi Martin,

on host properties - master server - server,i have addtional servers and media servers tab.

Where to add media server name? and difference between two?

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Media servers is like a MEDIA_SERVER entry. This gives the media server resticted access to update the masters properties. Additional Servers is like the SERVER entry in the bp.conf, this allows the media server to modify more properties on the Master (via the GUI).

you do not need to add media servers to both! 

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So only entry needs to be on Media server tab?

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revaroo has it covered ...

But more simply, you can add a media server as a media server entry or a server entry.

The difference ...

server entry

When you run the GUI on the media server it is like being on the master serverv., you can do anything.

media server entry

When you run the GUI, you can do most things, but some things you will not have permission for.

WHat works and what doesn't will be in the manual somewhere I guess, I've never looked as I always add media servers as SERVER = , and this is what I recommend my customers to do.

Regards,  Martin
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