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Media Server Load Balancing

Created: 05 Jul 2014 • Updated: 19 Aug 2014 | 2 comments
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We are planning to implement Netbackup 7.6 and deploy multiple media servers that will perform backups to a Data Domain storage server.

One storage unit will be created on the Data domain system and presented to the netbackup domain, the a disk pool and a storage unit will be created in netbackup against that data domain storage unit (LSU).

I need to understand how to configure media server load balancing so backups to that storage unit are load balanced across the 3 media servers that will be provisioned. We are not planning to use storage unit groups (we will only have one storage unit). So, under the storage unit properties, if i select the option to tick the three media servers as the media servers that will have access to that storage unit... will that automatically implement load balancing between the three media servers? or do I need to do anything else?

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just create one storage unit and select 3 media servers from the list that appears below..

that should do the trick...

netbackup will choose the Media server automatically.. take care about it

I am trying to find the referece for it... and post it as soon as i find it..

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hi, maxsven

From NBU admin console, switch to "Media and Device Management" -> "Credentials" -> "Storage Servers", on the right panel, double-click your storage server, on "Media Servers" tab, make sure your 3 media servers are checked.

Under storage unit properties, just check "Use any avaliable media server".

In addition, should be pay attention to "Maximum jobs per client" global attribute and , and "Maximum concurrent jobs" attribute for storage unit, set them to a larger value.

This should work.

Run multiple stream backup, you may see different child jobs using different media server.