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Created: 09 Jun 2014 • Updated: 12 Jun 2014 | 12 comments
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I have an HP DL 380 G6 server with 6GB ram with 2008R2. While the BE 2012 is doing a backup, the server is very slow at processing other tasks, even in BE, like configuring another backup or editing storage. If I look at the resources being used via Taskmanager, the CPU is idling at 2% and the ram is at about 20%. If I run a second backup simulaneously the server eventually freezes and I can't do anything (remotely). I'm not even sure if the services are still running in the background. If I close my RDP session and login again, I'm met with the frozen screen. I could send a remote restart to the server but that could just corrupt the DB etc and crash the backup.

What could be eating up all the resources? Would adding more RAM help?

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Is there an AV installed? If so, exclude the BE services from any scanning.


Alternative ways to access Backup Exec Technical Support:

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I'm using ESET File Security. Haven't experienced any problems with it on prior editions of BE. I'll have a look


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What is the size of the Backup Exec DB (located at \Program Files\Symantec\Backup Exec\Data directory) ?

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bedb_dat.mdf is 16mb in size. When I tried to open the folder I was told I don't have permission, but after clicking OK, it opens it. Using Enterprise Admin login

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Is BE 2012 patched with SP4 ? Are there any errors/warnings related to Backup Exec , ASP or .NET under the media server's event viewer ?

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If this means User Access Control (UAC) is enabled on the media server I'd recommend disabling it (just on media servers) as it has been known to cause issues - although not sure it would cause a performance problem.

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@Colin - It wasn't UAC, but rather a folder permissions warning.

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Yes, I patched it to SP4 and the 70mb patch after that too before I started using the software (I did a clean install of the whole server, OS etc.)

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Try running a repair of .NET followed by a repair of Backup Exec. Reboot the media server and observe if the slowness is still there or not.

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I'm going to go one better. I downloaded BE 2014 last night and I upgraded my licenses. I'll uninstall BE and everything else and see if it is any better...

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I downloaded BE 2014 and upgraded all my licenses. I formated my server, installed 2012R2 and then BE 2014. I then did Once-off backups of all my servers and they all completed without any issues. Clearly there was something about BE2012 my server didn't like. The interface on 2014 is much better too.

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I formated my server, installed 2012R2 and BE 2104. Works like a charm now. Clearly there was something about my server that BE2012 didn't like.