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Media Set properties in BE 2012 - Overwrite protection period.

Created: 08 May 2013 • Updated: 08 May 2013 | 5 comments
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I would like to clarifiy this my question, if anyone can help I appreciate.

The overwrite protection period is the only time that the data or tape can not be rewritten, but the backups can be read and restored beyond that period? Example, if the overwrite protection period is 2 weeks I can access and restore these backups after 4 weeks?



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Overwrite protection period creates no restrictions on the restore/read capabilities of the media.

As the name suggest "Over-write" protection only controls the Write feature on any media.

If your overwrite protection period is of 2 weeks, it will not allow the media to be Overwritten for that long. Which means, the content on that media can be read and restored or manually erased, but, cannot be overwritten by any job for 2 weeks (going by the example above).

For more information on Overwrite Protection period and Append period, watch the following video:

Video: Basics of Overwrite protection period and append period

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Tanks SB,

My question is, the overwrite protection period, is not the period of validity of the backup, what means that I can  restore the backups after 4 weeks, right?


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Yes, you can restore the backups after 4 weeks (provided, it has not been overwritten by another job betweek 2nd to 4th week smiley)

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Yes, the overwrite protection period doesnt affect the ability to restore data.