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Media Is Unrecognized

Created: 02 Aug 2014 | 9 comments

Backup Exec is running on a Win 2k8r2 server.  There are several file servers being backed up.

Backups are being placed on a Dell DR4100 into an OST container.  One file server continues to have problems.

The problem server is identical to all other except it has 2 large luns attached and now a message keeps appearing:

"Media is unrecognized.

The media labled '?' from slot '5027', read by drive 'DR41003' is written in an unrecognized format.

Erase the media to make it usable."

All test runs are successful on this and all other servers.  There appears to be nothing to erase.

Any help would be appreciated.  Thanks

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Did you install the license for the BE dedup option on the media server?

When you say OST container, are you referring to the BE dedup folder?

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How are you using the device?  Did you define a dedup folder on the appliance or have you installed the OST plug-in and is using it as an OST appliance?  The former option is not supported.  See the HCL below

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Is BE 2012 completely patched up with atleast SP4 or this hotfix -

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If the user has created a dedup folder on this device then, as I have said previously, it is not supported.  This document is irrelevant.

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The OP hasn't confirmed as to how the DeDupe storage has been setup and his description is a bit vague. I wouldn't say the above KB is irrelevant unless the OP confirms so.

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If he is using the device as an OST appliance, then the document does not apply, so in either case the document is not relevant

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Sorry about the slow reply.  Thanks for the quick replies.

I will try to answer each question/suggestion.

The BE Dedup option is installed.  According to Dell, no dedup or compression is needed from BE.

The DR4100 does it all automatically.

Setting up the OST container on a Dell DR411 requires a plugin to be installed.  This is an OST device.

I am at V 14.0 Rev. 1798.  Not sure about sp4, but I will check that option out.


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When you send data to a dedup folder/appliance, you should not enable either compression or encryption in your job.  This will cause your data to dedup poorly.

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I ran the SP4 / hotfix updates from the link above and the error did go away.

Looks like that did it.  Thanks for the link VJware and all other help