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Media xxxxxx is overwrite protection

Created: 10 Sep 2013 | 11 comments

Asalam Alikom 

yesterday when i stared to backup my iserver i found the below alerte 

Media xxxxxx is overwrite protection

The media in drive 'Seagate 1' is currently allocated and is not available for overwrite operation 

the avilable space in the tap 200GB

error is attatched with the messege 

please advice 

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The tape is protected for overwiting. You may reconfigure your backup-job to APPEND to the tape (assuming the append period is still valid)

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...check your media set properties (Append/OPP) and make sure that they are correct. If not, a tape won't be overwritable at all leading to this issue.

The other thing to check is that the hard-protection tab on the tape hasn't been slid across.


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Here are a few things for your review in regard to OPP and APP


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Try running an inventory on the tape and then run the job again.

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The alert came up because the tape was not overwritable. Please check the media management settings - Overwrite Protection Period and append Period and make sure you have them correct.

Also Please go to the Backup Exec settings > Media management > Select Partial mode in the settings and make sure its not set to None ( not recommended ) 

Also you can please go through the above article to get a better understanding of Media management.



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Why are you repeating what has been said earlier?

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i am so sorry i have a confused so please find attachenent and tell me where is the wrong 

Thakns and appreciate your help 

Media Prpperties 1.jpg Media prperties 2.jpg Storage Settings.png
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Hello pkh,

I am not trying to repeat what has been said earlier. I am just trying to explain the issue. I am new to these forums and yes I am a Symantec Employee.

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Please check the media set those tapes have used. You can create a new media set and set an Overwrite and Append period as per your requirement. As if now you can move all these medias to scratch media to make them overwritable.


CraigV's picture've simply repeated information that was posted days ago...again!


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  Were you able to  resolve your issue.. If not please feel free to DM me your contact info

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