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Can someone explain How mediaset works with example

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How does Backup Exec manage media and data retention?

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Media set is a logical set of rules which you apply to the media.

It contains OPP(overwrite protection period) and AP(Append Period)

By specifying OPP you tell Backup Exec how long you want to retain data and by AP you specify 

for how long you need to append data to the media

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A media set with 6 days OPP and 5 days Append period will allow the media to be appended with data for 5 days and the data written to the media will be protected for 6 days from last written time. So, each time you append data, overwrite protection will get reset.

Medias within a media set are referred as allocated media and medias within a media set with expired overwrite protection are called recyclable media.

When a new media is added to BE, it will be placed by default into SCRATCH media set. BE will move the medias into mediaset when required. No need to move manually.


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Media Set is basically a container in which all the Medias are logically present and which has the setting to set the Overwrite Protection Period (OPP) and Append period (AP) for the medias present in it. It is basically used for Retention of data backed up on the Media that you use.

Read the following technotes to better understand the concept of OPP and AP : Best practices for Backup Exec 2010 media management : An explanation of the "Overwrite Protection Period" and the "Append Period"



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I would STRONGLY suggest that you give the Admin Guide a good read.