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Memory Cap for SAVFMSESp.exe in Symantec Mail Security

Created: 14 Nov 2012 • Updated: 21 Nov 2012 | 4 comments


I have tried to follow the document at to cap the memory this process takes but regardless of restarts and attempts to double check spelling, I can't get this registry change to take effect...has anyone else had this issue?  I am putting the two DWORD values right on the Navesp key, there were no values at all there before.  Thanks Much

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What value did you set and how are you checking to see if it's at the limit or lower?

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Hello,  I have tried several settings as to the MB as well as tried changing the Min setting and leaving the min setting off all together.  I opened a support ticket and a Symnatec tech checked the settings and confirmed they were correct but could not answer why they are not working.  I am simply watching the processes through task manager. 

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How many MB of RAM is it using? 100mb per thread? 200mb per thread?

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Hello,  It is using about 450mb per thread.  I had 3 threads using that and changed it to 2 (I know that is not standard Symantec procedure) to try and limit its footprint on the server.  It does stop at 450mb vs. keep taking more.