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Created: 02 Apr 2012 | 4 comments


I want to use Symantec Workspace Virtualization to virtualize applications like Solidworks, Autocad or other dessign applications but I would like to know if Symantec Workspace Virtualization consumes the memory and decreases the speed of the client PC or otherwise the virtualization is completely transparent and it does everything on a transparent folder.

Thank you for your answers.

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Symantec workspace virtualisation operates by using a low level "filter" which directs file and registry API calls to either the real or virtual applications. Thus there may be a miniscule performance hit but it may not be detectable depending on the power of the machine and how you provision any dependencies.

For example, Autocad installs a number of pre-requisites if they are absent, including things like Visual C++ runtimes and DirectX amongst others. I would normally prefer to ensure that such runtimes are installed in the base operating system as part of the operating system build, as then they get updated routinely via whatever windows update process you have implemented, and it also serves to keep the Autocad package at a smaller size. 

There are quite a few variables that can impact performance so the only real way to establish whether your environment would suffer a performance hit from virtualisation is to benchmark on a realistic task.

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Applications like Autocad require a bit of CPU consumption and if you run Symantec workspace virtualisation parallely then it may degrade your system's performance. But depending on your system build it effects your working. Try working using priortising your apps in schedular.

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We have virtualized Rhinocerous and StarCCM.  We have also virtualized Solidworks, but it is an incredibly huge package.  We have not yet been able to virtualize AutoCAD yet though.

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What version of AutoCAD and Workspace Virtualization are you using? AutoCAD is one of the top applications that our QA team test. When you say, you have not been able to virtualize, can you share the problem you face?