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Memory Leak in Symantec Management Agent 7.1 on Windows 2008 R2 Servers

Created: 28 Jun 2012 • Updated: 28 Jun 2012 | 7 comments


During the evaluation phase of the Symantec Management Agent 7.1 (7.1.15350.8350) we just found a memory leak in the AexNSAgentHostSurrogate32.exe process on all our Windows 2008 R2 Servers. The memory usage is growing pretty fast on all our site servers and a bit slower on our managed servers. So we talk about 5-10 MByte a day. On a server systems this could be up to 300 MByte (just a calculated value) a month, which is a critical amout for us.

With this post I would like to inform other SMA Users about this leak and I would like to gather some more information about this topic.

1. Do you have this memory leak also in your environment?

2. When did you detect this memory leak?

3. Do you have long term experience about the memory leak behaviour? (growth rate, maximum memory usage, effects to the agent functionality)

4. Do you have some more details about this memory leak? (cause, solutions)

5. Is there a a simple and reliable workaround for large environment?

It would be great to get some responses. Thank a lot.


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jbonbright's picture

  1. Yes, the 32-bit Agent on our 2008 R2 domain controllers seems to be causing a memory leak, judging by looking at the handle counts for the process AeXNSAgentHostSurrogate32.exe that have exceeded 10,000
  2. 6/25/2012 was the first email I received about it
  3. No
  4. Not at this time
  5. If there is one, I'd love to hear it.

mclemson's picture

I'm sure you know this by now, since some time has gone by, but this issue is resolved in 7.1 SP2 MP1 released a few weeks ago.  I've confirmed in one client environment that AeXNSAgentHostSurrogate32 utilization drops drastically and remains at a normal level.

Mike Clemson, Senior Systems Engineer, ASC
Intuitive Technology Group -- Symantec Platinum Partner

Stefan S.'s picture

Strangely it seems like I have this same problem on Windows 7 computers running MP1 v3 rollup. On my desktop AeXNSAgentHostSurrogate32.exe is using 130 MB on my colleagues computer even 500 MB. Anyone seen this on Win7 with MP1?

darkblue's picture

I really hope that this isn't true. Wouldn't be the first time that a already fixed bug appears again in a later release. I will also verify that.

SK's picture

Please test this against our 7.1.2 MP1.1 v4RU SMA.

Also, is this hapening with just the SMA installed or are any plugins installed too?  If so, which ones?

The Application Metering Agent uses the AeXNSAgentHostSurrogate32.exe, so deregistering its DLL or uninstalling the plugin would also be a good test.

Once you have that information, open a support case, so that we can investigate further.

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Stefan S.'s picture

I have installed the latest SMA 7.1.15435.8435 and it seems like AeXNSAgentHostSurrogate32.exe is less memory hungry, however it still seems like every time an inventory task runs the memory increases and those not reduce once a task is completed.

I have not run any further tests with different plug-ins... The v4 though would include newer Inventory and Application metering plug-in (7.1.7865) I have not upgraded those which means I am running the test now ith 7.1.7863.

Stefan S.'s picture

A couple of days later and the process is using 100 MB memory... Does not seem so promising.

I will wail until next week where I am going to install v4 with all the plug-ins and see if it changes or not otherwise I will raise a ticket with support.