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Merge Catalogs into one Backup Exec 2010 R3 - Take 2

Created: 23 Jan 2012 • Updated: 25 Jan 2012 | 5 comments
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I have two media servers.

I have retired one.

I want to merge the catalog of the old server  to the remaining server

Based on this post:

I assume I just copy the SERVERNAME directory in the catalog directory and paste it into the catalog directory on the remaining server and then run 

Catrebuildindex -r


I do not have CAS

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AmolZeroCool's picture

Instead of copying the "ServerName" folder you may copy the .xml & .fh files from the old server and

paste it in the new "ServerName" folder, once done run catrebuildindex -r


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Colin Weaver's picture

You still have to inventory the tapes from the old server as we have no tools to merge media information between two servers directly - and if you have any media with conflicting names between the two media servers then you could have problems.

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Thanks guys

Doing the inventory is Ok as that takes only minutes per tape, cataloging can take 3 hours per tape... :)

I was looking at using two directories as I know there are tapes with the same name used on both servers.

From what you are saying Colin, even if I use two directories, I will end up with issues of "duplicate tape information"?

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The Backup Exec database hold the media names irrespective of where the media is located and having duplicated media identifres within the one BE database will potentially cause problems.  (see document ) We do have background GUID based identifiers as well as the media labels. However as you can't really reference these in any way as an end user, the potential for human error relating the the media handling when you have duplicate labels is very high.

Admittedly because we have GUID based identifers against the media, this might get you out of issues usually seen where customers used the same media name over a period of time and then recover an older version of the media (from a file level copy or backup) into the middle of  a media family that has newer media in it.

Also note Symantec have NOT done any formal testing of deliberarly using different media with the same labels inside one Backup Exec server in the way you appear to be requesting so we cannot predict what issues you might experience and from a support point of view may only be able to offer reasonable efforts should you run into difficulties





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Thanks All

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