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Merge Current User MS Outlook registry keys for all users

Created: 11 Feb 2013 | 2 comments

I need to deploy a handful of registry keys to all of my clients for greater compatibilty with our instance of exchange.  Currently, I have a bat file that each user has to run for themselves because they are current user keys.  It puts the keys in and then all is well.  I dont even know where to begin but I need to write the keys to all existing users of a system and all future users.  If it matters the OS is Vista.  We dont have this problem in 7 but not yet at a point to roll it out to everyone.

A slew of the keys are like:


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1. You may create Software Resource with bat file you have, and add there detection rule (which will detect if a registry key is already exists for current user or not). 
2. Create Managed Delivery policy with this software resource. Open advanced options for Software inside of the MD policy and select Run tab -> Run As Current logged-on user. (save changes by clicking on ok button)
3. Add "At user login" schedule to compliance -> Verify that remediation is set to Immediately.
4. Apply to "Windows Computers with installed Software Management plug-in" 
This policy will be executed on log-on for each users and if key is exists, policy will not execute the bat file.
One remark - current logged on user should have the rights to add something to the registry

for more information about Software resource please see: Symantec Software Management 7.1 Best Practices



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I added this option:

Repeat this task for each logged on user

(Managed Software Delivery policies only)

Runs the task for each user who is logged on to the client computer.

This check box is available only if you clicked the following option in Task can run: Only when user is logged on.

Do I need it?  Will it do any harm to have it set?