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merging BE databases (specifically jobs, job history and catalogs)

Created: 11 Dec 2012 • Updated: 19 Dec 2012 | 6 comments
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I'm in a position were I have a caso'd 2012 and then a 3 stand alone 2010 BE servers.   I need to migrate the info (jobs, job history, catalogs and logins) from each of the 3 2010 servers and incorporate them in the 2012 environment.

My initial thought is to update the three 2010 serves to the same level then copy database and catalogs from 2 onto the 3rd, import them somehow and upgrade to the 3rd to 2012 and then copy database and catalogs to the 2012 caso server and import.

The goat being to migrate the jobs and catalog but also keep job history for sox purposes.  Is this possible?

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you should be doing the following:

1. Remove an MMS from the CASO.

2. Upgrade to BE 2012.

3. Add back to the CASO and choose the option to either replicate your job/catalog information to the CASO or centralise this.

Chck these TNs for further information: (especially the upgrade section) (how it works) (Upgrading a CASO envionment) (NB!!! Choosing the data location).


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To clarify, the three 2010 servers are not in CASO, they are stand alone/independent from one another.  I need to migrate the data and jobs on them to my existing 2012 caso environment.

Would this still apply?

From my searching, the is the steps I think I need;

1.  With beutil, copy the server config from 2 servers, and apply to the 3rd to consolidate logins and jobs.

2. copy catalog from 2 servers the the 3rd and force a re-index to consolidate the catalog info

3. upgrade that 2010 server with the consolidated data to 2012

4. add to caso environment and replicate info

Not sure what will give me job history however.

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No, don't copy anything to the CASO. Check up the links I sent you and then read up in the Admin Guide.

Your CASO gets set up first, which you have done. Every server you want managed by the CASO is then connected to it, either via BEutility.exe (which I prefer), or through BE itself. You're given the option to locate your data/catalog information either locally on the MMS (the CASO only gives you a single-pane of glass from which to check your servers out, but can't delegate any jobs etc. to an MMS); replicate (information held on both the CASO and MMS); or centralise (information held on the CASO, and it does all job delegation, management etc. However, with this scenario, if the CASO dies, so do your MMS server jobs until the CASO is brought up operationally again.).

The links will give you the information you are looking for, but post back here with more queries if need-be.


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Thanks for taking the time to reply but I don't quite get it.   See I have three Backup Exec 2012 servers, 1 CASO, the other 2 MMS. This is at data center A.

Now we have merged data center A with another data center, now all servers sit in the same physical data center.  This other data center is using 3 media servers, backup exec 2010, that are not in any sort of CASO, there were not licensed with caso or managed server option.   I would like to retire these three 2010 servers but need to migrate the logins, jobs, job history and catalogs if possible to the existing backup exec 2012 server/caso environment.

So which that said- I believe what you’re saying is to just add the three 2010 servers to my caso environment, migrate the data and then I can remove the three servers marked for retirement? 

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Now it makes sense, and not possible. You can grab copies of the Data/Catalogs folders and copy them up there. If you need to restore any data, then you need to catalog a tape on a server that is live and restore from there.

You can try adding 1 of those servers to the CASO and centralising it's data and then retiring, but whatever you do, get copies of the Data/Catalogs folders on those servers before doing anything.


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BE 2012 and BE 2010 are quite different.  Unless you upgrade the jobs from BE 2010 to BE 2012, the BE 2010 jobs will be useless even if there is a way to import/merge them into your BE 2012 servers.

For your tape media, you can save some time by copying their catalog files to the Catalogs folder.  However, it is no easy to identify which files belog to which tape, so it might be easier to just inventory and catalog them again.

For disk media, see my article below on how to handle them