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Merging catalogs from 2 servers?

Created: 04 Apr 2013 • Updated: 11 Apr 2013 | 3 comments
This issue has been solved. See solution.

Many moons ago, we had a BE server that had a few years of catalogs on it.  We upgraded to new hardware, and for reasons I can't recall, we had to start over with a new & blank catalog.

Years have passed, and I've discovered the old catalog directory (23gb worth).  I'd like to merge that old history into our current catalog (170gb).

Because this involves years of tapes for each set (and most are in off-site storage), re-cataloging either one is not an option.

Is there any way to do this?  I've seen articles, but they all involve picking one set of catalogs, and manaually re-catalogging all tapes not in that set.

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I don't think this is possible simply by copying catalogs onto a media might want to check Colin Weaver's comments (he solved this) on the link below:


Alternative ways to access Backup Exec Technical Support:

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The catalogs is not a problem as they can be copied between servers. The big problem could be the media inventory (which is contained in the SQL database), along with whether or not the same tape labels/barcodes have been used on both servers.

If there are no conflicts then can run inventory jobs on the media when you bring it back from storage and copy the catalog files in to save running a catalog job.

If there are conflicts of barcodes or media labels then you can't do this.

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From what I've learned, there is no easy way to do this.  You'd need a utility to merge the databases from the 2 sets of catalogs- which I don't think exists.  Thanks all for helping.

I'll give Craig the solution, as he's the closest to what I found.

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