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Merging of licenses SEP license with differnt expiry date

Created: 24 Oct 2013 | 8 comments

HI All ,

I have a senario here ,

One of our clients were having decentralized SEP Infra , i. e each region having their own setup and license

eg Seprate sepm server for Asis : Licnese expiry Nov 2013

   Seprate  SEPM for America  :  License expiry in Nov 2016

 Seprate Sepm for Europe : License expiry in Nov 2018

Now we have the a centralized environment with three SEPm in replication mode , where we want one single license with one single validity , Is it possible to do it ?? if yes how ?

Abhishek Dalmia

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Merge the licenses first make it a single one and then insert it on your new sepm

as long as you have same number of count it should not be a problem.

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Thank you for posting in Symantec community.

You can import the multiple licenses but to change their validity you need to get in touch with the License department.

You just need to ensure the number of seats in your license file cover the number of SEP clients managed by all SEPMs (SEPM1 + SEPM2 + SEPM3 + SEPM4 + SEPM5).

Refer this article thought in your case it's vice versa:

Can a single license be split between multiple separate Symantec Endpoint Protection Managers?

Chetan Savade
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You'd normally have to go through Symantec's licensing dept to get this sort of thing done:

The should be able to produce a single license file to cover the total number of endpoints, but the differing end dates will cause issues.  If you were to purchase additional maintenance so that the licenses for Asia and America end at the same time as those for Europe, it would porbably make it easier for them to produce a single license file, but that's just speculation on my part.

Asking them is the best course of action here.

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Basically, contact Symantec licensing and they can merge the licsenses for you.

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Agree with Chetan, For the license expiry issue you need to contact with Licensing team.


Sumit G.

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How to manage license file when there are several Symantec Endpoint Protection Managers in place?

You could contact the Licensing Department via:


Phone number: 1-800-721-3934


For Renewals or view details of your Symantec support contracts visit our License Renewal Center.

Hope that helps!!

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