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Merging multiple archives into a single archive

Created: 12 Jul 2013 • Updated: 31 Jul 2013 | 6 comments
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I have a lot users that have multiple archives in addition to their default archive (that is referencesdfrom exchangemailboxentry).

Is there an easier way of re-locating all the items from the additonal archives into the single default archive other than exporting to PST's and re-importing?.
Are there an published SQL scripts to do this, as this would be a significantly faster operation than a manul export/import approach.


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Depending on the version of EV you have, just use Move Archive, the only pre-requiste really is that the Archives have to be in different vault stores

So if you had like

Vault Store 1\UserA
Vault Store 2\UserA

You could do a migration of UserA (VS1) -> UserA (VS2)
But if they're on the same vault store, you can't do that
You'd have to create a new archive in the other vault store, and run move archive from both users in to the new archive in the other Vault Store

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Yup was introduced in EV8 SP2+
Newer the version the better though, because quite a few fixes have been introduced since

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This is not exactly my requirement though.
Each user has one archive already connector to exchange (exchangemailboxentry table)

The other archives belong to the user but are no longer connected to exchange, it is the emails from these (non exchange connected archies) that I want moved into the exchange connected archive. I could do it manually via and export to pst/import but this would be a length process for multiple users

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Move Archive is your best tool, its the same as Exporting and importing from PST 
except it keeps the Retention categories set, keeps the archived date times etc so as not to effect expiry, it is 100% what you are looking for