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Merging Multiple Master Servers Catalog Into Single Catalog

Created: 13 Oct 2009 • Updated: 21 May 2010 | 2 comments
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Is there anyone tried before to merge multiple master servers catalog (from multiple backup domains) into single catalog ?

And after that, the master servers will be converted to be media servers.

I have read thru the Document 267137 (, but I would like to check that anyone did that unofficially ? 

In addition, I have thought of using bprecover to recover the catalogs from other master servers to one master server, not sure will that work ?

Thank you.

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You will get lots of conflicts (EMM DB, media, pool id etc etc)

Why not convert the existing master server to Virtual Machines, then you are free to re-use the hardware without the complexity of merging Master Servers ?

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Assumption is the mother of all mess ups.

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What would I say - it's not really easy task for 6.x environment but it's possible with some kind of scripting.
Easy part is merge of image db - not a big deal really, but EMM part is quite tricky. Symantec consulting using their own merge util which is able to merge two EMMs (it's proprietary), if you want to merge EMM for free, you basically need to dump both EMMs and merge their data files (most important - re-enumerate key fields and update relations in the corresponding tables), and load it to target EMM.
This process can be even done in Excel (if you're patient enough :) but understanding of EMM schema would take some time for reverse engineering (it's about 70 tables there now)