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Message Body Filter in Mail Security not Working

Created: 10 Sep 2007 • Updated: 21 May 2010 | 5 comments
I've tried numerous times to get the message body to delete emails with specific words. Here's what I've tried:
(1) Created a Content Filter Rule called Message Body.
(2) Set the Message Part to Scan as Message Body
(3) Set the Match Type to Literal and Regular Expression (check boxes both marked and unmarked in the Whole Term and Case.
(4) Placed Content as Equals and Contains
(5) Matches Terms have been a Match List and actual words.
Example, i send my self from personal accounts emails with the words REPLICA, Replica, replica, etc.
tried over and over and this will not work..
Please, how hard can it be to block a freaking email with a single word in the message body?
please advise.
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You are using SMS for SMTP or SMS for Microsoft Exchange?
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I have the same problem. Non of the content filtering rules I create works.


I'm using SMS for Exchange...


Any ideas or suggestions?

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We are having the same problem.


We are running Mail Security for SMTP Gateway and have people receiving 40+ "replica" watch e-mails a day.


I don't understand why the subject filter isn't working, we are running 5.01


Had anyone found a fix for this?




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Same problem here. There is no feature to scan body again Match list. I am running SMS for exchange (exchange 07, windows 08).  Any solutions? Any Good Spam software out there that you refer?





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SMS SMTP has a single verdict engine. That means the action of the first rule the message matches will be applied, no further actions. SMS SMTP documentation lists the hierarchy of rule types. My guess is these messages are being flagged by another rule with a higher priority, which is telling them to go through, and that it doesn't even get to the point of your content filter. Message tracking would show this.


Is this a major flaw in SMS SMTP? Yes, but it is inherent. I had the same problem. The solution: upgrade to Symantec Brightmail Gateway, which has a multiverdict engine and can act on more than one rule. It (the Virtual Edition) is also a free upgrade for customers under enterprise maintenance contracts.

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