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Message on a Differential stage when looking at a Backup Properties

Created: 01 Nov 2013 • Updated: 13 Nov 2013 | 2 comments
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This issue has been solved. See solution.

When I create a new backup job, in the Full stage I check to have the Full "run now" and then again as scheduled.  The Full job rans and duplicates successfully.

So why is it that when I look at the Backup Properties window after the 'Full "run now"'  is done, why does it show in the Diffential stage of that job, the following message:

"This backup will not run until the first full backup is completed." ?

Is it because the intial Full job that I launched under "Run Now" is considered "outside" the scope of the job?  And in light of this, when the scheduled Full launches, it turns off that message in the Differential stage?  Am I on the right track with this conclusion?

Thanks!  :-)

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Gray C,, 

 Just a few questions ..

what is it that youre backing up? 

what happens when the full backup job is run according to its set schedule? 

If possible would you be able to provide screen shots of what it is that youre seeing?

I hope this posting was helpful


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I think I may have figured it out!  If my analysis is correct, the following appears to be happening:

It appears that when you have a FULL backup scheduled and followed by DIFF backups, the scheduled FULL backup is the one that has the archive bit set that the DIFF backup looks for, to base it's differential on.

When I first created a new BE2012 job to setup a scheduled FULL and DIFF backups plus checked the option to "Run Now"  an initial FULL backup and then run the FULL backup again as scheduled, the initial FULL that was "Run Now" is not the backup with the archive bit that the DIFF is looking for.    

So in other words, when scheduling a backup using both FULL and Differential methods, if you check the option, "Run initial full backup now in addition to the selected schedule," that initial full backup IS NOT part of the scheduled job and therefore not the archive bit the DIFF backup will use/point to.

Attached are two screen shots of what I'm talking.

DIFF_Stage_Message_Example.JPG Run_Initial_Full.JPG