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Message to inform users that installation is in progress

Created: 29 Aug 2013 • Updated: 30 Aug 2013 | 7 comments
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Does Altiris 7.1 have a task (or something) to have a pop-up message informing users that installation is in progress and then show another when installation completed?

I have my Lync2010 package that installs 1) Lync install file 2 ) latest update -July2013 3) Lync MUI 4) A powershell script to set Lync to startup automatically at user logon.

This is installled via a software delivery policy. Installation done in silent mode

Problem: After testing (with schedule set to computer startup or user login) the total time to install the package is 2minutes. This gives the user enough time to open IE or Outlook and this may result in the installation of Lync or latest update failing. 

One other solution  I was thinking was to break up the package eg. First Software Delivery: Install Lync2010 + Lync automatic startup script.

Second Software Delivery : Install update + MUI. This helps to break down on the installation time.

Please let me know what you guys think,

Thank you in advance


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In the User run conditions (Advanced Options - Run tab) you should see

Prompt user before running:
Allow user to defer up to a total of: <x>

Your script then might check if a user is logged on in the end and show a "done" window.

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hi Mistral,

thank you for your reply, will try this option


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Hi Mistral,

I found the "User run conditions" in the advanced option of the task. But there is no option for the user to defer the time as you mentioned (please find screenshot attached)


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It should be right where your screenshot stops.

We are talking about a Managed Software Deliver Policy, right?

Did you add a Task, or a Software?

Create a Software Component for your Lync and add your script as an intall command line.

Then create a Managed Software Delivery Policy and add the software with your needed settings (and there you should find the advanced option).

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If logged on activities will break an installtion I set it to run only when no user is logged in and schedule it at 20:05 and create a seperate Power On task for 20:00.

If you want you can combine that with a power off task for, say 22:00.

But Lync shouldn't fail. We used it a lot at my last place and WSUS would update it whilst in use. The WSUS update process would kill the Lync session and it had to be restarted manually or would restart at the next startup but I don't think ever failed.

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Hi Mistal

Thank you very much. I did not know by using the Software directly gives you more options in terms of user interaction! I usually added (and in this case)  tasks to my Software Delivery policy.

I tested it and was able to get the message to start installation. and like you said, maybe have another script to show user when installation completed.

thank you again


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hi andykn101,

thank you for your reply, i can set that for our desktop users but will not be able to for our laptop users.

Some of our users work the night shift so the night-scheule will not really work for me.  We also do updates via WSUS but since this is a new installation (migration OCS to Lync) i thought to inclue it in the first install.But you are right, I can remove this update install and schedule it via WSUS.

thank you