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Message running Symantec Installation Manager, “The product listing located at:…”

Created: 10 Apr 2014 • Updated: 10 Apr 2014 | 14 comments
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120px_SIM Cannot connect to SolutionSam.PNG

We are currently experiencing issues with SolutionSam which is the server for SIM (Symantec Installation Manager) product listings and .msi file downloads.  When opening SIM, there is a message, “The product listing located at:…” and you cannot get an updated list of products.

We are sorry for any inconvenience updating and installing via SIM. We are working on this issue.  At this time, we do not have an exact time this will be resolved.
We will update this post as we know more. Please “Follow” this post to get automatic updates.

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Thank you. I think I need to do a repair on DS7.5 HF5, so looking forward to this being back up.

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I'm waiting as well.  I had a hotfix install planned for today and I'm stuck.  Seeing comments in other threads too.  Its been 2 days, is this being treated as high prioirty?

Joe VanHollebeke
Systems Engineer

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It took several days to notify users there was a problem with an important system that provides solutions to customers

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I started having this issue several days ago. When I attempted to put in a ticket for this issue symantec would not even talk to me since I do not have a support account with them (I am running the trial). I was considering purchasing this product for my company but after reading all the issues that they have had with 7.5 and now this not a chance. Hopefully they get this fixed soon so their customers can use the product that they are already paying for.

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Is there any new information to share? When can we expect services to be restored?

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Hi All,

I am very sorry but we don't have anything new to report at this time. We are still working on this.

We will update this post just as soon as we have anything to report.

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OK, it's been almost another day. What is the status? I had an upgrade scheduled, but looks to be a no go. Is anyone in charge around there? Also, a little more than, "we don't have anything new to report at this time." would be nice.

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Had the HF5 Hotfix scheduled for the weekend - looks like thats up in the air then.

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I am just glad that I installed hf5 the week before, as otherwise the training that I ran last week would have been really messed up due to the issues caused by previous builds.

I agree that Symantec should be more customer focused when such issues artise, by presenting detailed information about it (along with daily progress reports); and then a root-cause-analysis once it has been rectified.

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Can someone from Symantec confirm on this thread that it is now working

I saw on another thread -, that Igor said "Looks like problem is fixed. Try now to open a SIM." This was on Saturday 12th April, and there have been no more posts since then from anyone confirming it is working

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It started working again. And we are able to donwload and as well as upgrade the product




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