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Messaging Gateway in a DR scenario

Created: 17 Jan 2013 | 4 comments

I am looking at implementing Messaging Gateway in a DR solution.  I am not currently using the product.  I'd like to know if the following deployment scenario is feasible\best practice.

2 data centers.  Philadelphia is the primary with a Control Center module and 2 Scanners with highest weighted MX.

Denver is DR center with 2 Scanners with lower weighted MX. All mail routes to Philadelphia unless it goes offline.

My questions:

1. Can I have a control center module in the DR location that is 'offline' unless the primary control center goes down?

2. If a 2nd 'offline' control center is not an option what is the suggested deployment for a DR scenario with one active and one passive location?

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I think the closest you could get to this would be to ensure that the primary CC backup was available in the Denver site.

I'm assuming that both PHL and DEN scanners are associated with the PHL CC?

The DEN scanners would run "headless" without a CC from some days.  You basically need to restore teh DEN CC from the PHL backup.   Make sure your license files are also available.

You'd want to telnet into the scanners and point them at the rebuilt CC.

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Thanks for the response.  Yes, both Phil and Den scanners are associated with the Philly CC.

So if I kept a snapshot of the live, up to date CC, I could bring that on-line at the DR site and re associate the DR scanners to it? 

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Yes ,It should work .Another part  where you have to worry about is Central Quarantine as Scanners quarantine all the emails on their Control Center so you may want to bring your CC online as soon as Possible .

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With a virtual control center you have more options in using VM standards moving the virtual CC in case of a disaster to another site. So this may help to bring back the CC faster then restoring.


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