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Metadata import task stuck...

Created: 19 Dec 2012 | 5 comments

Some background, We've been using wsus to manage patching. Now that we've had client management up and running a few months, I went to start testing the patch process.

When we installed Altiris, we setup the metadata import ahead of time. Its been running on its own since then..or so I thought.

I checked yesterday, and there's a import task that's been running for 658 hours. Since Nov 21...

My initial instict was to try to cancel it. Its been stuck "stopping"  ever since. I've tried restarting services, and restarting the entire server, no luck.

I was able to manually run an update, but when I try to create a new software update policy based on what was downloaded - that action is stuck in a "start pending" state. 

Any ideas?

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Hi lakeith.collins,

It looks like something is wrong in database. I would recommend to create ticket to Support.


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Have you tried actually deleting the import task instance?

Sr. Principal SQA Engineer

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Any update on this? I'm stuck in pretty much the exact same situation pushing out Distributed Software updates? I cancelled a Software Update download package and have been stuck ever since. 

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Process to create a report that will notify if the PMImport fails again is detailed on KM: HOWTO77761

To troubleshoot this further; review KM: TECH166778; especially item #10, for it sounds like the system may be backed up with tasks, or have database communications issues, as detailed by the two previous Symantec Employees.

Ensure the running tasks are stopped, run a repair of the currently installed version of Patch, and retry the PMImport.

SMP Logs will help tremendously to see if the process is stuck / failing moving forward, but you should see entry items like '# / # Imported'

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The issue you are describing sounds similar in that the SMP is unable to communicate with the database to update the resources for the targeted clients regarding the specified software updates.

Go to the Console > Manage > Jobs and Tasks > System Jobs and Tasks > Software > Patch Management > Download Software Update Package; stop all running attempts there.

Work through the process to repair Patch Management 7.1 SP1+ as detailed on KM: HOWTO47868 (ensure logged in with Session0 and Application Identity credentials as detailed on the article) and then retry the Bulletin download via the Patch Remediation Center.

If you are still seeing the issue; check the SMP Logs and IIS Logs, for it may be something outside Patch Management / ITMS that is preventing the download.