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Micorosft TMG and DLP and Lookup script

Created: 04 Jan 2013 | 1 comment
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I have a Microsoft TMG server integrated with DLP Web Prevent and I am trying to use the authenticated proxy user to then do a LDAP lookup.

I have written a VB Script that is to pull in the values from the system and then parse the username info from a string that contains the username.

The DLP system has the following content for the sender-email variable.

sender-email=Negotiate ://DOMAIN\Username

Though for some reason when I bring in this data to the system there is a STDIN error and fails the validation:

04 Jan 2013 09:13:15,974- Thread: 42 FINE [com.vontu.lookup.script.ScriptUtility] Validating sender-email=Negotiate ://DOMAIN\Username  - false

After this happens the script or system truncates the variable to the following


This obviously removes the data that I need.

For those who are good at VB script I have defined the input of the variables as:

Dim objArgs : Set objArgs = WScript.Arguments

Is this the possible problem?

Does anyone know how to do one of the following:

  1. Find a way to have the system keep the whole string?
  2. Modify the TMG server to not use the '\\' which is what I think is causing the STDIN error.
  3. Have gotten a script to work with the TMG proxy.

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first confirm MS TMG is suported or not as per below

TMG2010 without sp
TMG2010 with sp1
TMG2010 with sp2
OS: Windows 2008R2 Enterprise Edition with SP1 and Windows 2008R2 Standard edition with SP1

please refer below