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Microsoft Update Reporting Assistance Needed

Created: 24 Sep 2013 | 2 comments


I am looking for a report that will show me how many computers that a certain KB update is on.  I am having a hard time pinning this one down.  I have the MSWU-634 and the KB2596598 info needed but I am having a difficult time trying to find where I can get a report that shows here is your update and these are the computers it is on.  I wouldn't mind if I had to create it in the basic IT Analtyics report creation but I am having no luck there as well.  What would be my bsert option to come up with a report that has the info needed?

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Roman Vassiljev's picture

Hi BigDaddyPS,

May Patch Management Solution be useful for your purposes?

Sometimes update is superseded by another newer update(s). For example, in your case KB2596598 is superseded by KB2687404, so if KB2687404 is installed, then  KB2596598 is not required.
With Patch Management Solution you may determine that KB2596598 is superseded by KB2687404 and check compliance level for KB2687404(from MSWU-673) on your clients(is it applicable or not / installed or not).


Thomas Baird's picture

There are tons of patch reports that will show this.  Have you looked through the reports?

For instance, I just browsed around for a few minutes and found under Reports | all Reports \ Software \ Patch Management \ Compliance, there's a report called "Windows Compliance by Bulletin" that would likely be a good start.

Thomas Baird
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