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Migrate from 10d to 12

Created: 14 Apr 2008 • Updated: 02 Mar 2009


We need to Migrate from 10d to 12.

As we have many problems on our 10d Server I do not really want to Migrate the SQL DB.

We made a migrate (test) from 10d to 11d with this how to doc:

I haven't found a sheet like that for migrationg to 12. Is there something I probably have not found? Or is the procedure like the doc describes above?

First try was only to copy the catalog files. That was OK, all catalogs are shown in 12. But I miss all the Medias. So they must be saved in the SQL DB, right?

Does someone has any idea to migrate to 12 without all the settings, jobs and so on but with the catalogs and all Medias?

Thanks for help!