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Migrate BE 2012 from Win 2003 R2 SP2 x64 to new Win 2012 Server

Created: 11 Jun 2013 | 8 comments


I'm hoping to migrate all of my existing catalogs & databases from my space limited 2003 x63 server to a new server running Win 2012. Thanks!

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Please be advised that Windows server 2012 is not yet supported. There is currently a beta that includes supporting the installation of the Remote Agent on a 2012 box this will allow users to backup machines that are running this O.S. but does not support the use of Server 2012 as a media server.  

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Below you will find a link to the Beta Blog..

The beta program is still open for new signups if you are interested, to do so please follow the link provided in the blog. 

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Thank you for the information.  I'm rebuilding my server with 2008 R2.  Could some share with me how I can migrate to my new build?

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Check this technote:

It's made with screenshots of an older version.

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Thank you.  I read over it and have a logistical question: when would you rename the Servers?  We currently have OldBEserver & NewBEserver.  It seems like it would have to occur before the migration:  Stop & disable BE & SQL services on OldBEServer, rename to OldBEServerOld, rename NewBEServer to OldBEserver, & then run BEUtility. 

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If you rename the servers like you describe and copy the data folder from one installation to the other you should not need to use beutility. BTW I would do it the way you describe

BEutility is used if

a) You plan not to rename the server and need to tell BE what the new media server name is

b) the way you copy the Backup Exec database used bedb.bak instead of directly copying the MDF and LDF files with the servcies stopped

As such in your circumstances I would

1) Stop and disable all BE services (and the SQL instance) on old server (and new server if BE already installed)

2) rename both servers so the new server now has old servername

3) Make sure BE is installed on new server (if not already done) - If possible use the same drive letter/path as old server although this will only affect opening old job logs if you can't or do not want do do this.

4) Still with all BE services stopped, copy the data folder from the old server Backup Exec install path to the new server

5) Enable and start the BE services on the new server

6) You may have to manually clean up references to old storage devices within  Backup Exec after this as the storage devcies on the new server may be seen as new devices.

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Thanks for all the helpful information.  I do have another question.  The old server is running SQL 2005.  Do I need to install 2005 on the New server?  Or could I move to SQL 2008 or 2012?

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You would be fine using SQL 2008 all the way up to R2 SP1 Please see BE2012 SCL page 22


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