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Migrate to EV10 with new Servers and Storage

Created: 24 Apr 2013 • Updated: 25 Apr 2013 | 3 comments
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As the title suggests I'm planning an upgrade and migration to new hardware:

Currently we have 1x EV Site with 4 servers, they are as follows:


  • EV 9.04
  • Win 2003 32bit
  • SAN Storage (EMC)


  • EV 9.04
  • Win 2008R2 64bit
  • SAN Storage (XIV)

I have 2x new servers that I wish to move the EVSite to (and also decomission the other servers).


  • EV 10.0.3 installed but not configured (vanilla)
  • Win 2008R2 64bit
  • SAN Storage (XIV)

Now I believe I can use the migration wizard in the EV10 install media to move my settings to the new servers but I'm a little unsure around the storage. I plan to reduce the current 4x servers to just the 2x new ones. 

My plan at the moment is as follows:

This is to decomisson the EVT1 (32bit servers)

  1. Move all users and tasks from EVT1 servers to EVT2
  2. Move all EVT1 Partitions to EVT2 servers and re-point in settings

Migration and upgrade to new hardware

  1. Ready EV environment for migration (as per Symantec guide)
  2. Suspend Archiving and MSMQ queues
  3. Deploy EVX Servers (already completed)
  4. Run Migration tool on EVT-P0002 servers to create migration package
  5. Migrate EV vault stores (detach storage from EVT and present to EVX)
  6. Reconfigure EVT DNS alias to point to EVX
  7. Run Migration tool on EVX servers to import migration package
  8. Revert EV environmental changes made in stage 2

Would this work or am I missing something? My concern is around the storage as I have been allocated 5TB for each of the new EVX servers and would like to utilse it?

Apologies for the long post!

Operating Systems:

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Rob.Wilcox's picture

I agree with Tony.. it'll take some time to do the moves and so on... but the plan looks pretty solid to me too.

Jay@VM's picture

Thanks guys. Sometimes just need to have a sanity check with these things!

Aprpeciate the feedback.