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Migrate FSA to different EV Site

Created: 22 Oct 2012 • Updated: 15 Nov 2012 | 6 comments
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Is there any native or 3rd party tool that can migrate FSA data to an EV server in different EV Site? IHAC need to migrate the existing file server as well as the FSA to a new file server and EV server in different AD domain. See if any tool available to migrate the vault partition across and use FSAUtility to recreate the placeholders in the new target file server.

If no tool is available, what is the typical way to perform this migration? Should I need to do a bulk recall to re-inject all archived items back to the file server before migrate to the target? Any other possible options? Please share your thoughts.

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If you simply want to keep the data archived in Enterprise Vault available rather than merge two Enterprise Vault environments together then you should be able to get away with moving the instance of Enterprise Vault to the new domain and updating the Enterprise Vault Directory database to reflect the changes. See the following article for more details on the FSA piece - Appendix A:

The placeholders themselves have links embedded within them which tells the placeholder service where to retrieve the data from, so these will either have to be resolvable after the move, or you will need to use dynamic placeholder link creation



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Hi Leo,

We worked closely with Symantec on just such a tool, FSA Migrator is the outcome.

It can accomplish all your current needs ;)

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Thanks Wayne! I think this is the tool that I'm looking for. I just glanced thru the datasheet, seems this tool can migrate both the file server data as well as the archived data reside in EV. How doesn't it work? I assume the tool will handle the translation of placeholder, as well as migrating the archived data directly to the target EV server, right?

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Hiya Leo,

Yes you are correct, you can migrate both online & offline data.  The target Enterprise Vault server can be a completely separate site or the same site.  If it is a new site, all you need to do is map the retention categories of the two sites.

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And by using this tool, do we need additional storage space (in both source or target) to stage the data migration?

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Loe, no we do not touch the source, and you don’t need additional storage there. As for destination you will need a tad extra storage like a 1min of copied data, tbh I do not believe you will even see it.