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Migrate or Import Offline Media to new Installation

Created: 23 Oct 2013 | 2 comments

I had problems with my server, Server 2003 and Backup Exec 2010 R3, as it failed to backup anything. After troubleshooting the tape library and the server and it's connectivity I decided to build a new server. I stood up a new server, Server 2008 R2 and Backup Exec 2012, and got all of the media in the various slots to display. I then went about configuring my media sets, ect. to get it up and running like the old install. Everything from the basic functionality standpoint works now so I'm good there. 

The problem is that I need to migrate or import all of the offline media from the old install to the new install in case I ever have to restore from offline media for our legal team. I plan to wholly abandon the old server and repurpose it once I have everything I need on the new install. Is there any way to have the offline media from the old server running a different OS, Backup Exec version and server name moved over to the new server? Can I copy something from a file directory or SQL to accomplish this? Worst case, is there a way to manually do this? The offline media is sitting in our data center in boxes and I do not wish to pull said tapes and have to do a one by one import unless it is truly the only option. Help me community!! Thanks in advance for any information you guys/gals can provide.

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an inventory and catalog on the old tapes should do it.

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You can make a copy of the Catalog directory under the BE installation directory of the old server.  After BE is up on the new server, stop all the BE services, replace the Catalog directory with the copy from the old server and then restart all the BE services.  You will get back your old catalog.  There is no need to inventory and catalog all your tapes.